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Exclusive Leads

 We only ever supply a lead to one broker, this means that you have the best chance of converting leads into funded business. We are looking to work with long term partners and build good relationships which is why you can be sure that all leads are generated for you and only you.

Generated in Real Time

All our leads are generated via this website and are generated through Organic and Paid Search, this means that a user has actively been looking for our service and thus more likely to actually need your help. We can use a dedicated phone number so when users call from our landing pages they are dierected straight to your brokers, you can also get form leads sent straight to your email address or CRM system.  

Replacement Policy

spam enquiries, fake numbers and wrong numbers do happen and if this happens just let us know and we will replace them within an agreed time frame. With our telephone leads if a phone call is less than 1 minute talk time and you have not managed to arrange a better time to speak with the client we will also class this as a spam enquiry and will replace this also 

Bad Credit Mortgage Lead Pricing

Our leads are charged at £25 per lead which can either be phone or form enquiry, as these are generated through search traffic volumes will vary day to day. Large orders (500+ Monthly) will get a 20% discount.



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