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Commercial Mortgage Calculator

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Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Use our commercial mortgage calculator below to estimate your monthly repayments. Getting a good idea of the likely repayments you and your business will need to make is essential when looking into a commercial mortgage. The kind of commercial mortgage you are looking for will dictate the terms you are able to get as each lender is different but it is essential to do your own affordability checks to see if it is a feasible loan amount for you and your business.

Getting an accurate figure for your commercial mortgage is important as the interest rate and the LTV you will be offered will be based on you and your business. Speak with one of our expert commercial mortgage brokers today and get a personalised quote.


Additional fees such as arrangement fees and valuations fees should be taken into account when doing your initial affordability checks.

Using our Commercial Mortgage Calculator

To use our mortgage calculator simply input the loan amount. This is the amount that you or your business is looking to borrow, if you have found a property or are looking at a certain type of property you will know the value. The maximum loan to value on commercial mortgage is usually 75% but this will vary depending on the type of property you are looking to borrow.

Example: If you are looking to purchase a property for £200,000 you will need to have a deposit of at least £50,000 and get a commercial mortgage for the remaining balance of £150,000.

Interest rates

Interest rates vary from lender to lender and will be calculated when you apply for your mortgage. Your circumstances will affect the interest rate you will be offered if you have bad credit you may be offered a higher rate of interest by a more specialist lender.  Deposit or level of security you have will also affect the interest rate. The lower the risk to the lender the better rates will be offered is a general rule. You will need your company account and potentially projected revenue if you have less than 3 years’ worth of accounts.

Repayment Terms

Most lenders will lend between 1-20 years for a Commercial mortgage, you may be able to increase the term of the loan up to 30 years depending on your age.  


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Commercial Mortgage Information

Looking for specialist advice? Read through our guides about commercial mortgages and get the best advice to get the mortgage that you need.

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