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Whether you are an existing mortgage holder or a new buyer the mortgage market can appear complicated and confusing. This is where as independent mortgage brokers can help.

We have helped hundreds of buyers, just like you, to find the right mortgage package. In addition to mortgages we can help protect yourself, your family,  your home and your possessions with the correct insurance.


What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker’s role is to help you understand your options when taking out a mortgage and getting you the best deal from mortgage lenders. There are three different:-

  • Those that are tied to one lender out of the hundreds that are available
  • Those that have a limited panel of lenders that they work exclusively with
  • Those that source mortgages from the whole market are truly independent.

We are independent mortgage brokers so can source you a mortgage from a greater pool of lenders ensuring you get the best deal available.

Why use a mortgage broker at all?

As an independent mortgage broker, we will provide you with a dedicated mortgage advisor who will guide you through the whole process of obtaining your mortgage. Your mortgage advisor will discuss your particular requirements with you and the factors that will determine how much you can borrow and what lenders you can borrow from. As a broker, we introduce new clients to lenders all of the time consequently we can sometimes secure special deals for our clients that are not available if you go directly to the lender. We can offer impartial advice to keep your costs down and get you the best deal.

How much does it cost?

We do not charge you for the initial advice and service we provide. In some complex cases, we may charge a fee of upto1% of the mortgage. However, you will be fully informed if this is the case. Where we have to charge the typical fee is £495.

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Get Me My Mortgage will be helped by truly independent mortgage brokers working to get you the best deal.

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